Group Coaching

Excellence without Exhaustion

1:1 and group coaching for driven and motivated high achievers.

Your solution for reaching your full potential in your life, career, productivity and success without exhausting yourself.

Let me guess...

You’ve decided that there HAS GOT to be another way to generate results without all the crippling expectations and overwhelming pressure.

Imagine being able to create sustainable successes while still having enough time and energy to focus on your own selfcare, alleviating the stifling self-imposed standards, and completely shifting your relationship with achievement and productivity.

The truth is..

Creating this kind of unsustainable environment for yourself is not a requirement in order for you to achieve the success you’re after and experience the greatness you know you’re capable of.

If you’re like most of my clients you prefer a unique, customized approach to your healing over a one size fits all method that you don’t feel is entirely relevant to what you’re experiencing.

You’re craving a safe, supportive space to implement and receive the support that challenges you so you can make the shifts you need to make in order to be the impactful, yet balanced high achiever you know you’re meant to be.

Excellence without Exhaustion Supergroup

Remember how good it felt to connect with classmates over how hard that last test was? Or how motivating it felt to have your teammates encourage you to push harder in training so you could score more goals in next week’s big game? This group is for people who are missing the group environment that made you feel more motivated, created a sense of belonging, and reminded you that you are not alone.

One of the biggest causes of exhaustion high achievers experience is the pressure created when they create standards for themselves that they would never hold anyone else to. This can lead to:

Hi! I’m Meg

meg davis coach
I am a Certified Life and Health Coach. I have always had a passion for helping people heal; I even started out in college as a nursing major. But I quickly realized that my skill set was better suited to a different kind of healing. As a high performer myself, I’ve learned how to create better personal and professional balance, all while navigating the demands of many high pressure environments like emergency medical dispatch, Police/ Fire/ 911 dispatch, and finance, and building my coaching business.

The people I enjoy working with the most are driven, motivated high achievers. I loved the tenacity these people come to each session with; a quality that allows them to explore hard topics so they can create big change as quickly as possible. It also feels like a wonderful way for me to give back to such impactful contributors in the world and bring my passion for healing full circle.

Here’s what some people are saying about me.

This is for you if…

In addition to having a supportive small group cohort to engage with regularly, this group will also explore:

The Details:

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