Transformation Coaching for a more purposeful life

Whether you want to find your purpose or feel like more of your life is happening on purpose, creating a more purposeful life can improve your sense of fulfillment and joy in life.

People often ask me what a coach is or does. The way I like to answer this is by describing the kind of people I work with and what my clients get out of working with me. Have you ever known anyone who has wondered if their life could feel more satisfying? Or maybe you've heard a friend talk about how unhappy or stuck they feel because they just can't seem to do the things they want to be doing? Or what about the people who are tired of having their impulses or reactions run their life? I help those people shift their mindset, establish better habits, and see the things they can't see about themselves so that they can live happier lives where they feel more understood and in line with who they really want to be.

As your Coach, I will help you to establish a successful mindset, identify the goals in your life that are most important to you, develop a strategy that is catered to your vision of success, and overcome things that have been holding you back so that you can see the growth you’ve been looking for. I strive to empower my clients to progress toward the things that are important to them with methods based on their own strengths and interests so that they can see lasting and sustainable change.

Common areas to explore through coaching are health and wellness, relationships, finances, project planning, career, life purpose, life changes, spirituality, and personal growth. My personal areas of expertise include:
-Health and Wellness
-Financial Wellness
-Empaths and Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)
-Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy Integration Coaching

Each coaching session will be used to identify the most important topic(s) to you at that time, explore methods to create success, and devise a plan for implementation so that you can end every session feeling more confident and with a clearer direction on your path to progress.

Let's work together and start taking action from a place of positivity and possibility.

Sessions will be done remotely and last about an hour.

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