About Me

My Story

I am a Reiki Master, Intuitive, and Life Coach based in Northern California. My coaching specialties are health and wellness, financial wellness, communication, and empaths, highly sensitive, and other neurodiverse people. All of my healing modalities are focused on helping clients facilitate greater awareness of themselves, their experiences, and how they operate in the world so that they can create better results for a more fulfilling life.

I first began this work in my late twenties as I was looking for ways to better manage my own life. As an empath myself, I had struggled for many years to make sense of everything I felt that always seemed so overwhelming, and lead to difficulty in relationships and finding my own life purpose. It wasn’t until I met a Reiki Master and intuitive during a time when the life I thought I wanted seemed to be falling apart that I became aware I was an intuitive as well. From that point forward, I began to curate a new perspective of the world, one that seemed to make more sense than the one it appeared much of the people around me had adopted, even though it felt at times like lonely, uncharted territory.

In an effort to gain support and clarity on my new mission, I first pursued my reiki attunements. There, I found a mentor and developed techniques to help me manage myself better and start honing my intuitive abilities. Shortly after I started delivering intuitive guidance to people, it became clear that the logical next step in supporting clients who are looking for answers was to empower them through coaching. I have since received certifications in both life and health and wellness coaching, and have built a practice helping people find clarity and make shifts to create a life they love.

My Approach

My services are focused on a whole-body approach, considering physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components of our lives. Building awareness of these areas is crucial to helping us mend the pieces of ourselves that feel most out of place. My goal is always to facilitate the growth or healing you most need so that your body and mind can return to a healthy state, and you can feel the vitality to thrive once again. The guidance, growth, and rejuvenation that this path allows me to share with people continues to be a joyous and incredible experience that leaves me with just as much inspiration as the people I am honored to work with.